Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gunung Tahan Malaysia

No trail suit more with that phrase other than trail of Mount Tahan from Kuala Juram, Merapoh to Kuala Tahan if you put that literally. Sure that meaningful phrase meant a lot more, but one hour stop on peak just a little cut from six days of amazing journey.Mount Tahan with height of 2,187m above sea level is the highest point of Peninsular of Malaysia, located 4°38′N 102°14′E / 4.633, 102.233 in Pahang area of Taman Negara National Park Malaysia / 4.633, 102.233. This national park with total area of 4,343km2 encompasses three states of Malaysia –Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu. The unspoiled pristine rainforest in this area aged million years and house many species of protected flora and fauna. All visitors to the park and climber must get permits from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks or locally known as PERHILITAN, plus climber need to hire guide licensed by PERHILITAN and ratio for maximum of 12 climbers to a guide apply. As precautionary measure and park management purposes at anytime no more than 48 climbers are allowed to climb the mountain.

Mount Tahan could be climbed trough 2 popular entries point, either through Kuala Tahan or through Kuala Juram, Merapoh. Return trek of Kuala Tahan would take normally seven days for average climber and Kuala Juram trek would take 4 days. One way trail from Kuala Juram to Kuala Tahan would take six days (near 78km). There are groups who complete Kuala Juram to Kuala Tahan trail in less than 4 days but that would be a lot of hiking, eat light, overtime and lack of sleep. Other people have their own objective but you are advised not to exceed sunset time limit as you are in the midde of wild animal habitat which active after dark and any possibility of encounter that could risk safety would bettter be avoided. The trail would take climbers through dense lowland towering tree of rainforest, rivers crossing, muddy valley, bonsai garden, granite trek, vast squares of beautiful high altitude plant and oops no snow. The Trail of Kuala Juram to Kuala Tahan is unique that you would not find the same with other trails in peninsular Malaysia.

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